FatPipe Telemedicine Solutions

Software Solutions

The following is an overview of the TeleHealthMax©suite of software solutions. The three major areas that TeleHealthMax© covers are Electronic Health Record System, Hospital Management System and Communications.

Electronic Health Record System (EHRS)

The EHR system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of conditions. This secure system enables physicians and hospitals to easily and effectively manage patient records from various sources including laboratories, health screening, physician and hospital records. All records can be easily retrieved.

Hospital Management System (HMS)

TeleHealthMax© Hospital Management System (HMS) is a comprehensive system that can be used to manage all departments of a hospital. Using this software package, a hospital can manage patients, personal records, HR, pharmacy etc. Different levels of access are granted to users of the system to ensure confidentiality of information. Level of access is dependent on the position and management wishes.


Telemedicine is dependent on the ability to connect remote areas via a Wide Area Network (WAN). Therefore WAN uptime is very important. If the WAN is down then the whole system is not usable. WAN uptime is ensured using FatPipe WAN Redundancy technology. This technology allows multiple connections to the internet that are independent of type of connection or the ISP. If any connection fails, all traffic automatically fails over to available connections.